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6 Types of Locks

With multiple lock types in the market today, it can be difficult for anyone to choose which lock can suit their needs. Not only are you prone to cheap and unreliable locks, but you’re also endangering yourself, your family, employees, and belongings if you get a lock that’s not secured.

In this article, we will discuss the 6 common types of locks in the market today and how each one can differ from one another.

Knob locks

One of the most common types of lock is a knob lock. The lock is located on the knob, compared to other locks that are located on the door itself. When choosing a knob lock, make sure that it’s not attached to your external doors to avoid getting broken into just by using a wrench or hammer.

Lever handle locks

Commonly used in commercial establishments, lever handle locks are easier to open compared to knob locks because you can easily push down the handle to open the door. Additionally, this is more handicap and elderly-friendly because you’ll only need minimal pressure.


Another common lock you’ll find almost anywhere is padlocked. This is not directly attached to a door, because you may sometimes need a shackle to use it. Additionally, these are portable, free-standing, and come in many sizes. You’ll also find padlocks either keyed or on combination locks.

Jimmy proof deadbolts

You’ll often find this type of lock on double doors or apartments because they offer minimal modification on the door and have superb security features. This prevents other people from forcing their way from the outside or pulling it. Additionally, the lock itself is drilled inside the door which is not easily broken into.

Access control devices

Since technology is constantly innovating, this also includes locks. You’ll often find more sophisticated locks in commercial buildings and high-end residential houses. These access control devices either use card keys, combination locks, fingerprint scanning, and more. These are highly durable, difficult to access and offer high-quality security.

Mortise lock

The mortise lock is often found in commercial establishments with glass doors. These locks are mounted onto the door and are held in place using a screw. These locks come in different sizes so make sure to check with your local locksmith or hardware store to know which size will best fit your door.

If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting lock for your home or business establishment, contact Locksmith R Us now to know your best options.