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6 Ways to Maintain the Longevity of Door Locks

All mechanical devices have a lifespan, but every item is different depending on the maintenance it has. If you want your door locks to exceed their possible life span, it’s important to ensure that you do regular checkups and maintenance. 

Only copies from the original

Not only do your door locks wear out, but also your keys. This is especially true if your keys are made from duplicates after duplicates. Imagine duplicating your keys from another duplicate that was copied from another duplicate key. Too much, isn’t it? A couple of millimeters difference from each duplicate can mean the difference in your door lock.

This means that you’re ruining your door lock with the multiple duplicates that you have.

Ensure that your door is correctly positioned

One of the many things that quickly deteriorates door locks is an improperly positioned door. When your door is installed incorrectly, not only will your door locks be ruined, but you also risk ruining the latches and strike plates on your door. Make sure that the gap between your frame and door is correctly positioned.

Clean your door locks

Cleaning the external parts of your door locks is simple enough that you can do it daily. By doing this, you’re not only maintaining your door locks, but you’re also ensuring that all the bacteria are removed for you, your family or employees are free from any sickness.

Do annual lubrication

You may clean the outside of your door locks daily, but that doesn’t mean that the inside of your door locks is clean. The hardware inside your door lock is also prone to dirt and may cause quicker wear and tear on your door lock. Make sure to do annual lubrication on your door locks to ensure it’s clean and will work for a long time.

Check the strike plates and door screws

Strike plates and door screws are some of the parts of a door that experiences the quickest wear and tear. Always make sure that these parts are always tight and secure for your door lock to perform at its best.

Test your deadbolt and deadlatch

When testing your deadbolt and deadlatch, make sure that it doesn’t fall off the strike plate. If it does, you’ll need to secure and tighten all the screws to reduce the possible wear and tear on your door.

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