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Advantages and Disadvantages of Access Control Systems

You’ll find access control systems almost anywhere in the world now. With the constant innovation of technology, this security system is now becoming more and more available on the household market. But what is an access control system and how can you benefit from it?

In this article, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of control systems.

Advantages of Access Control Systems

Getting rid of traditional keys – One of the many advantages of access control systems is that you don’t need to carry around metal keys anymore. To use these security systems, you may either need a username and password, biometrics, or card key.

Protection against other people – This heightened security system will also be able to protect you and your valuables from unwanted people. Not only that, but some systems will alert you if there are people who are trying to access your home or building.

Keep track of the access – One of the most important things, when you have an access control system in your business, is that you can monitor the people who come and go in your building and offices. With a control server, you’ll be able to track down the time and date of people who access the doors.

Create a safe environment – With the help of access control systems, your house or business establishment will have a better response when it comes to accidents or natural disasters. If a fire or earthquake happens, traditional doors will remain locked if you don’t manually open them. However, doors that are controlled by access control systems will automatically open so that your family or employees can easily get out.

Disadvantages of Access Control Systems

Prone to hacking – Since better securities are created, a lot of burglars also learn how to unlock doors through the use of technology. If you don’t have strong control of server security, your servers can be hacked which in turn can access all your doors, data, and personal information.

Power blackouts – Having an access control system will also require you to have a backup power generator in case of an accident or calamity happens. If you don’t have this, your doors and control server will be down as well as your business.

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