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Does Using Social Media Sites Affect My Security?

Almost everyone nowadays has their social media accounts, some even have more than one. This can be dangerous to you because there are a lot of risks when it comes to social media sites and data security.

Here are some reasons why social media can be bad for you and your home security:

Impersonation and fake profiles

There are a lot of online criminals and hackers that can access different social media accounts and take personal information. With this information in their hands, they can hack your bank accounts, do unauthorized transactions, and more.

Discrimination in closed groups

You may be a member of different social media “closed” groups to be an anonymous person. In these closed groups, many people disclose personal information that may be used as a marketing strategy by many companies.

Recent studies show that the information on “closed” groups on social media is sometimes sold and shared to different companies that contact you regarding the information that you disclosed. A good example of this is the groups that talk about certain illnesses where members are then contacted by insurance companies.

Opening bank accounts and credit cards

Social media accounts are often associated with personal laptops that are linked to personal bank accounts and credit cards. If you left your accounts open, there’s a huge chance that hackers can open your bank accounts as well.

Location-based apps

Most smartphones and social media accounts are linked and automatically track locations because of their security settings. If a robber happens to steal your smartphone, they may be able to go to your house. Robbers are not the only concern, because stalkers can also use geolocation to track wherever you are.

Business fraud

Several incidents happen where cybercriminals were able to access an account and trick people into being a legitimate business. They can use your accounts to trick other people and use your name in the process.

Phishing attempts

One of the most common ways cybercriminals do nowadays is phishing where they can get personal information from other people by tricking them into giving this to cybercriminals. Just by a simple phone call, email, or text message, they can easily take your information and hack their way through your accounts.

Locksmith R Us can improve your home and business security and block out any phishing or malware attempts that may be happening to you and your social media accounts. Contact us now to know more about your options and our rates.