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How Are Keys Made?

Keys use pure brass or a mixture of nickel-brass to be created. A key duplicator is used to make copies of keys to ensure that it has the right edges to insert into a lock and open it. It’s advisable to only copy keys out from the original to ensure preciseness and minimize the wear and tear of locks.

In this article, we will discuss how keys are made and how a locksmith can help you duplicate your keys in a flash.

Key duplicator explained

Locksmiths use a key duplicator to create copies of keys. Your key is placed on the machine on one side and a blank key on the other side. You’ll find a cutting tool lined up and an alignment tool on top of the keys. Once the machine turns on, the locksmith will navigate their way through the curves and edges on the original key and try to duplicate as precisely as possible.

After the machine, the technician will sand off the copied key to ensure that it has a smooth finish.

Make sure it’s an original key

One of the mistakes of most people when copying their keys is that they do it on already duplicated keys. The danger of copying keys from a duplicate is that, with hundreds of copying the same key, there may be minor mistakes on the edges which can cause quicker wear and tear on your door locks. Imagine having a few millimeters to an inch miscalculation on the key, you may find yourself locked out from your home or office.

Using the correct blank key

Not all keys are created with the same shape and size. When asking for a copy of your key, make sure that the locksmith uses the correct blank key. This will make it easier for locksmiths to copy your key, as well as, you’ll be able to use it without experiencing any problems.

How long does it take to create a duplicate key?

One of the most questions asked to a locksmith is how long does it take to duplicate a key. If you have a simple knob lock key, you’ll get your copied key within a few minutes. But if you have a complicated key for a complicated lock, then you can expect minutes to an hour before you get the final key.

If you’re looking to duplicate your home, business, or car keys, contact Locksmith R Us now so that we can help you within the day