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How Do Burglars Break Into a House?

Burglars are being more and more creative when it comes to breaking into a house. To prevent this from happening to your home, it’s important to take care of all the areas that they might use going inside. 

In this article, we will enumerate the different ways in how burglars can break into a house:

They take advantage of the land

There are instances where burglars take advantage of the land of the property. For instance, if your backyard is facing a lake or you’re located in a secluded area where there are no neighbors on the backside to check your house from time to time, there’s a huge chance that burglars will go into the back of your house.

They can use your pet’s door

Although you may have secured all your doors and windows, there’s a slim chance that you secure your pet’s doorway. Not all burglars are huge and some can even fit through a small opening. Before you leave your house, make sure that all possible entryways, even your pet’s door, are closed and secured.

They climb through fences

Since not all fences are tall (especially in the front yard), many burglars climb through the fence to enter your property. Once they are in your yard, they can easily break a door or window to get inside your house.

They choose doors that don’t have high security

Burglars are getting smart when it comes to breaking into a home. There are instances where they choose an entryway that has less security, this includes garage doors. People often forget to lock their garage doors which burglars can take advantage of.

The look for a weakness in your house

If you have a huge house with multiple doors and windows, burglars may take advantage of this. Since there are fewer chances of you securing all your doors and windows, they’ll just look for a weakness that they can take advantage of. Once they find a loose lock on a window, they can easily get inside your house.

Improving your home security is crucial since it’s vital to ensure that you, your family, and your valuables are safe and secured at all times. At Locksmith R Us, we prioritize the safety of our clients and ensure that they have updated home security.