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How to Fix a Broken Car Key

Whether you’re at the home, office, or in the middle of the road, experiencing a broken car key can be a stressful scenario. Not only will it delay all your day’s schedule, but it also means that you need to spend money either to fix your broken key or replace it.

Fixing broken car keys will depend on the actual damage it has. If you have a traditional car key, there are only two ways that it can be broken; either the casing is torn apart or the actual key broke apart. If you have a modern car key where it has two or more buttons, you’ll have to check the batteries, casing, or blade itself.

Fixing traditional broken car keys

It’s more difficult to fix traditional broken car keys because you will need a key maker to duplicate the key that you have. When this happens to you, it’s best to instantly call an auto locksmith that can come to your location and solve the problem.

Fixing electronic broken car keys

You need to assess your electronic car key first before you’ll know how to fix it. Your keys can experience several issues which may or may not need to be completely replaced. Here is a quick guide on how to fix it.

New battery – In most cases, all you need to do is to change the batteries of your electronic car key. We suggest that you look for high-quality batteries to ensure that they will last longer and will not cause any problems with your key.

Broken rubber buttons – There are instances that the rubber button casings have experienced significant wear and tear that you can’t push the buttons anymore. If this happens to your car key, all you have to do is to replace the key case. To do this, make sure that you have all the right tools to open your old case and close the new one.

Cutting or Creating a new blade – If the blade of your car key is broken, you have two options; either you get a new blade cut or swap it entirely. You’ll need key-making equipment on both of these options and it requires skills and experience to do it.

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