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Rekeying or Lock Replacement? Which One Do I Need?

There’s a huge difference between rekeying your locks or completely replacing your lock hardware. Before you do any of these two in your home or business establishment, it’s important to know their differences. 

In this article, we will differentiate how two of these security systems work and how you can choose between one of them.

Rekeying your locks

Rekeying your locks will not require you to change any of the hardware except for your old keys. Rekeying works by altering the lock mechanism of your lock handles making your old keys unusable. In most cases, rekeying works better than replacing your lock hardware because it’s more affordable and easier to do. Rekeying also works if you have the same brand of locks or have the same keyhole in your house or business establishment because you can use a single key to open all the locks. 

If you lost or misplaced your key and you’re afraid that someone may have picked it up and may go to your place, then you can also choose to rekey your locks to ensure that your old keys wouldn’t work anymore. You can also rekey your locks if you’ve moved to a new home and you’re afraid that the old tenants may have the same key as yours.

Lock replacement

Compared to rekeying, lock replacement is a more expensive option because you would need to change the entire lock hardware. By the end of this process, you would have yourself brand new locks with their corresponding new keys. 

Oftentimes, there’s no need to do lock replacement services. Not only is it more expensive, but there are certain cases where it’s not necessary. 

We recommend doing lock replacement if your lock hardware is old and has clear signs of wear and tear which may include difficulty in opening, closing, locking, and unlocking. You can also do lock replacement if you want to upgrade your home or commercial security systems. 

Another scenario where you can lock replacement is if you have multiple lock hardware in your building and you’re planning to have a single key operate on it all. Lock replacement will change all your lock hardware and enable you to use one key to lock and unlock all your doors.

If you’re still not sure what’s best for you, contact Locksmith R Us now. We have locksmiths that can check all your lock hardware and recommend what’s the best option for you.